My Journey to India😁🤗

After I got the email confirming my Scholarship, my mind started to tune into all the possibilities of what my soon to be reality could be!

My mom and I started brain storming about what it would be like in India, if I would enjoy it, or I would find some challenges. And if so, if I could handle it well. My mom has taught me to always face my troubles head on and not to back down until I’ve won them over! So I was more than ready. So much was going on… But the underlying feeling was excitement! We just could not get over the fact that finally, it was in our hands🤗 what we had wished for, and prayed so hard for, for a very long time was finally in our grasp! God is such a Mighty God🙏🏿

So, we made a list of all the necessities that I would need to be in time for my Journey. First, I had to get a passport. I had never owned one, never even been on a plane before, so you can imagine my excitement 🤗😁 Getting a passport wasn’t hard luckily. We sailed through the whole process. Next was the Visa. I had never been to the Indian High Commission in my country and had never imagined being there before… But this world just has it’s ways of doing things😍

My experience wasn’t bad while there, just I noticed that Indians are very critical and attentive to details… Very attentive. Nothing skips their eye. A good trait to have if you want to go far😅

My Visa in the bag, next was transport. My Scholarship doesn’t cover my air ticket so, my family had to see to that, and that’s where all the incredibly amazing friends and relatives to the family showed us so much Love. They did miracles for us. I want to thank you all once again, May the Good Lord bless you always for us🙏🏿❤️

Somewhere, in-between I had to get the Yellow fever Vaccine as one of the pre-requisites to travel and also to do a PCR test on Covid. The thought of taking the test gave me sleepless nights I must say, what if it turned out not negative?! What was I to do… Poor me🤭 Just know I let out a very long sigh after I saw the negative ink on my result slip🙌🏿 In my previously worry-coloured eyesight I could see my whole dreams slipping right through my fingers like sand! Don’t underestimate tests. Only God knows what people who undertake tests of any form go through each time!

So, all the pre-requisites were in check and what was left, was to make that Long awaited journey, that dreamed of moment since the days of my childhood and my innocent dreams🤭❤️❤️❤️ I could not believe it! Believe me.. And India had made it happen with her Scholarship. Thank you🙏🏿

Stay tuned for part 2😁

21 thoughts on “My Journey to India😁🤗

  1. Congratulations Jermena 🎉 Hope everything goes well and you complete your scholarship in this beautiful country. All the very best 👍👍

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  2. I felt so happy reading this post. Your excitement flashes across the screen through your happy words. May your stay here be pleasant, wonderful, enriching and live up to your expectations and more! Congratsss once again! And oh, I’m glad the passport and Visa part were easy 😉 Your observation is sooo right about Indians being critical and attentive. They have eagle eyes 😅 That’s why it takes special skills to cheat in exams here 😆😆 (a skill I don’t even want to have)
    All the very very best, my friend! I hope you make good friends very soon with whom to share this amazing journey.

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    1. Amen!
      Thank you very much dear Sam🙏🏿

      And thank you for the ‘eagle eye’ term🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Will be updating soon on my journey here and how it’s been so far😁 stay tuned😅


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