This is part two of my journey to India😁 I know it’s been over due but I had never quite gotten round to telling you about this. So here i am.

All the travel pre-requisites in the bag, my mom and I spent the whole evening packing. I checked up on my two friends with whom I was traveling. We had met on the WhatsApp group of Ugandans who had got the scholarship to study in India and were going to KL University specifically. We had decided to travel together and so agreed to meet up at the airport. I  slept at around 3am. Had to wake up at 5am and start preparing myself. My flight was at 11:45am. I don’t know if my mom slept though. She must have been double checking everything to see that we had all we needed. God Bless Mothers🙏🏿❤️ They are simply priceless. She prepared my nephews and she too got ready.

At about 6am, our taxi picked us up and we were on our way to Entebbe International Airport😍 It was a beautiful morning. Warm even despite the cold outside. My excitement was in the air.

We arrived at Entebbe at around 8am, where we had to get another taxi to take us through to the airport grounds. My Uncle Peter who stayed in Entebbe was waiting for us and he saw to that. Thank you Uncle😊 We arrived at the waiting lounge outside departures shortly after  8am and we had to do one final checking of my luggage, to see if I still had everything I needed, from my travel documents to the rest of my stuff. I soon discovered that I had brought more stuff than my 23 permitted Kgs🤣 so I painfully had to let go of some of my clothes.

We talked some more, my Uncle and mom telling me that it would be a great experience in India and that I should enjoy it all and study hard, things I fully intended to take to heart. My nephews were very excited for me but at the same time not very happy that I was going away. We had been close from when they were born and this would be the first time that we would be away from each other for so long. Actually, even for my mom.  But if she was emotional about it, she never showed it. Our African mothers never show their emotional sides to us😐

The time finally came where I had to hug my family bye and proceed to check in. I told my older nephew to look after his brother well and with one more hug, I proceeded to the check in desk. At 10am I was on my way to the Qatar Airways terminal to have my ticket cleared😁 I met one of my travel partners Arthur, in the queue. Since I couldn’t get a hold of our other friend, Linda, I decided to text Arthur. It was the first time we were meeting physically and how it happened was even more dramatic😁 I texted him asking if he was already inside and he told me that he was in line at the terminal. I also said that I was at the terminal. To which he asked how I was dressed. I quickly texted him the colour of my attire and waited for him to find me.

Though I wondered how, given we were all hiding behind masks. I started to look around to see if I would find another person looking around for someone else🤣 and a few minutes later, I got a text that I was smart🥳 I smiled on cue behind my mask and wanted to know how he had figured me out so fast and before I could press send, he texted that I had just smiled🤣Now, I really wanted to see the unknown face that seemed to not miss a thing and there he was… all looking dapper than dapper. He extended his hand with the precise introduction, am Arthur😄 Guys really know how to make their presence felt. Anyway, he and Linda were my travel companions to India.

Me at Entebbe airport a.k.a EBBS🙏🏿☺️

Stay tuned for the last installment of my amazing journey to India😁

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