Mwanagwe! By king Saha.

Today, we will be throwing back to this gem, Mwanagwe by the man himself; Saha☺️

Saha has been around for sometime now and has worked his way up to being the established artist on the Ugandan Music scene, that we enjoy very much.

This particular song is one of my favorites from him. I Love how it makes me want to dance each time I listen to it, The warm Love illustrated in the video and of course his sweet voice☺️

Just to brief you a little about the song, He is in a long distance relationship with this girl. They are absolutely in Love but as is the African tradition, or the Buganda tradition to be exact, the girl’s mom is playing the proverbial Jezebel, being the stumbling block in her own daughter’s blossoming romance.

I for one, have never understood why our African moms are like this. Deep down I know that they want us to get married but then on the surface, they act the monster whenever they come to learn of our love interests…🤣 Anyway, I didn’t start these things, the traditions I mean😁I found them here and I bet they will be here for a very long time. So, i will just enjoy them as they come😶

But if someone ever learns of the reason for our Moms’ behaviour in this particular regard, please let me know🙄 will be patiently waiting🤣🤣🤣

Ladies and gentlemen…

13 thoughts on “Mwanagwe! By king Saha.

  1. I think, moms are alike everywhere across the globe, being overprotective. One reason may be that they couldn’t enjoy the freedom that younger generation now looks for. Grapes were sour then. Now make them sweet.

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  2. Nice song. That girl is a work of art 😍 I find her pretty. And oh, now that you’ve come to India, you’ll hear from your Indian friends about how their moms are worse 😂 Many schools discourage girls and boys talking to avoid any kind of “romance.” I think it’s ingrained in our culture, both in Africa and in Asia.

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    1. Africa and Asia are beginning to sound very similar to me now. Parents in general discourage any form of romance as long as you’re still in school. After completing your education, they then expect you to get married and pop out kids😂😂

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    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 true. and here i was thinking that problem only existed in Africa! The girl child has really suffered….
      Actually, for us it doesn’t even matter whether you have finished school. It would still be awkward for your mom to know you have a boyfriend. Of course she would expect it, but the whole thing would be awkward. Therefore, what the Baganda do, all those issues concerning the young woman’s Love life are handled by the girl’s paternal aunt, who is especially known as, ‘Senga’ The mom is completely kept out of it.

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    3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 true that.
      I really look forward to hearing all of those stories🤗😁

      And thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, the girl in the video is really pretty😅

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