Ethnic day/Freshers’ day ’22🥰

Once again, freshers' day was upon us and like last time, it was ethnic day themed. It was on 27/10/22(the other week). Well, well, well... Home girl this time round decided to dress like a child of the land! I wore the Saree for the very first time and it was amazing🥰 I had always … Continue reading Ethnic day/Freshers’ day ’22🥰

Diwali with my Ugandan family❤️

So, Diwali was earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday, and my country-mates had agreed that that would be the best time to get together as the Ugandan family here at KL University 😊 It was a good idea because we had been here for quite sometime now and some of us didn't even know … Continue reading Diwali with my Ugandan family❤️

Beginning of Second year: first semester 😊🙏🏿

My second year actually started two days ago. We are freshly from internship. Will talk about my internship in the next post. (Some of us are still interning though😄) but yes, the semester is up in gear. New classroom, new faculty(some of them😉), new neighbours (we are now sitting mainly as per our specialisations), new … Continue reading Beginning of Second year: first semester 😊🙏🏿

Happy first Anniversary to Jermena’s World!!😘

Yessss that's right! A year ago around this time, Jermena's world was born.😁Ok am not sure which date exactly i should consider, because i wrote my first post on 1st July but WordPress says I published it on 2nd. So, we will just comfortably say, we were born 'around this time'😉 Deciding to start a … Continue reading Happy first Anniversary to Jermena’s World!!😘