The trial👀

Yes, the very one you are thinking of; the Johnny depp vs Heard trial

It’s finally come to an end and quite a satisfactory one😁

Firstly, allow me express my happiness over Johnny’s win🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️ We thank God. Am no justice, i dont even know these guys that well but my small opinion on why am happy about the result was based on the little that i witnessed with my own eyes and that which I heard for myself in that court room. Amber was certainly no victim. I will leave that at that.

Now, my reason for writing this post is actually something else. Don’t get me wrong, am not being insensitive or anything of the sort but all the while, as i got more and more invested in this trial, i couldn’t help but think of what an incredible Crime and Mystery novel, Sidney Sheldon could weave outta the whole thing had he still been here! Just take a min’ and think about it… Now, if you’ve been here a while, you would know that am not shy about by strong love and admiration for the author😁 He was just phenomenal with the ink😘 Back to the trial. It just had all the elements of a sensational crime story and no body writes a mystery like Sydney, complete with all the chillies on the side😋. Johnny would certainly have been the man of the show; Educated, successful, absolutely gorgeous and then some, but as was Sydney’s style, the two women would have stolen the show from him. Am talking about Amber; his remorseless, cold and pretty ex-wife and Camille; his very talented beautiful young lawyer. I know you are imagining it. Like I have put a disclaimer before, am not trying to make light of a very serious situation of Domestic violence that has just been addressed in the trial. So please, don’t get offended anyone. Just my mind going on a wild trip😁. Now the cherry on the cake would of course be Johnny winning and how it all rolled out, that is, the-oh-so-interesting highlights during the trial, like that Camille-Amber confrontation about the ‘Pledge’ money😋 I swear it was fun.

I will stop here. Let me know what you thought of the whole trial and any takeaways that you would like to share😁

In the meantime, may God bless you all🙏🏿😘

4 thoughts on “The trial👀

    1. I’m so sorry, that was an inadvertent and awful mistake. I’ve read so many of his books and always marvelled at his ingenuity. Wonderful reading.🙏🏼

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