End of Semester Two and First Year!

Hello everyone 🤗🤗😁

How you all doing… I hope all is well. As for me, am doing quite well; i just completed my first year as an MBA student! Ok, i completed my end sem exams three days ago🙈 but still, am still in the just completed ‘mood.’ Now isn’t God wonderful🥰 yes He is. Ok, this second semester has been action packed, from both the academics and non-academic sides.

There’s been classes(I know its obvious but yes, COVID effects are still taking a toll on us, classes were action packed so as to catch-up. So yes, there’s been classes), then the tests, seminars and of course the entertainment such as our ethnic Day😍

I’ll keep it short and summarize my whole first year in a couple of words; its been a learning experience. Discovering and getting to know more about my new environment as best i could and enjoying the special moments along the journey😁

Right now as part of our package, we are to do our Summer Internship Program and will be doing mine online. I don’t know what to expect, but am looking forward to a great learning experience. Will keep you updated.

PS: Summer temperatures of 40°C + nearly melted me away🤣🤣🤣 That was my first summer experience and well, also the first time i got to experience temperatures beyond 35°C. Where i come from, the temperatures usually average 27°C, so you can imagine my shock😁 but at least now its raining here in Vijayawada. Its a lot cooler😌😌

Till next time, take care❤️

4 thoughts on “End of Semester Two and First Year!

  1. My brohter lives in Phoenix, AZ, and it has cooled DOWN to 100F (38C) but next week is going back up to 113F (45C)! He “claims” it is a dry heat, but that’s enough to suck the water right out of our bodies! 😎
    Go to the river!! 😁

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