Catching up.

Hellooo! It’s really been a minute!

I can’t remember when last I was on these streets. Ok, its been just a month and a half before my Hasty Ney Year’s message to you last week. But it feels like ages… I missed these streets really. All your interesting experiences and literature, everything.

Anyway, like I had intimated in my previous post, blame it on my very tight class schedule. I had classes literally everyday🤦🏿‍♀️ and sometimes online classes on Sunday. My sem started quite late due to the pandemic and we had to step up things a bit to catch up. So, there it was, could barely come up here to see what was up. Shortly after, it was a mixture of assignments and tests.

Talk about a berbecue complete with a nice expensive sauce to match😄 I was kept busy pretty much all the time. And even amidst it all, there are still those things that just come up and you can’t help yourself. The International African Students’ Festival was around the corner and yours truly was chosen to be an act in it, the festive season too was bristling around the corner…. So, my hands were further piled to the brim and I accepted it all with a big heart😁 so much for being upset about being busy🤣

So, I had to juggle between preparing for my tests and practicing for the Afro-fest. Mine was going to be an act on the fashion show and that meant, I was going to be a model for the night! Me, who had never stood before a crowd in my entire adult life was going to strut down a run way before an entire audience! That did give me the chills, but everyone insisted I could do it and so I continued to believe it and prepare for it. It WAS AMAZING! Will tell you all about it in my next posts😋

Then was the festive season, We (the international girls from my class; Neha, Abigail and I) were invited for lunch by our usual gang; Bhavya, Bobby and Priya. A house party at Bhavya’s. I accepted the invite even though on Monday, tests would begin🥳 I was not going to be the one curled up in my room on such a nice day sighing and wishing. So, after church I went to meet my friends and it was FUUUNNN!💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 Thank you friends🤗❤️

Just to mention, the tests went well☺️and yesterday, I finished my second set of tests also. Hence, the peace of mind. India is on a one week public holiday so I just got some really good free time on my hands now, even though end of Sem exams will be right before this month ends🥳😁 but in the meantime, I will enjoy the moment💃🏿

Allow me conclude my catch up post with a couple of pics from the festive season😚❤️

L-R; Jermena, Priti, Bhavya, Abigail, Neha, S. Priya, Priya
Finally managed to get Bobby in a pic😁☺️

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