Goodlyf and David Lutalo

Those two names= Hellena!

That’s the song we will be throwing back to today☺️ it’s been a minute but yes, today we get to do this again😍 Now, I personally like to call this song; a day in the Life of a village Belle🤗 you’ll see why, but I know you already have an idea….🤣

Anyway…. This is another of those village settings-songs that I just can’t seem to get over. There’s just something about them, maybe it’s the rawness to them, or the originality, I just don’t know but boy do I love ’em!

In this particular song, I also love the chemistry Hellena happens to have with all the guys😁 I don’t know whom you’ll be rooting for, but I will wait for you in the comments section😅

On this collaboration, we have the amazing Dynamic duo; the Goodlyf Crew which comprises Weasel and the late Radio(RIP❤️) and ofcourse the very talented David Lutalo. More on their introduction, David is the guy who croons the first verse of the song, Weasel is the Ragga muffin, and Radio, the song bird with the silky voice that just seems to go on and on… miss him💔 Theirs was a collabo come true to us the fangirling’s club(will tell you about another of my favourite collabos-come-true songs another time) And that being said, I will not takeup anymore of your time,

Ladies and Gentlemen… Hellena by Goodlyf and David Lutalo🤗💃🏿

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