It’s my Birthday!!! Yeahhhh💃🏿💃🏿🎉🥳🥰

Today it will just be pictures of me and my friends on my special day…and a video of course 😋  

Location: KL University, Andhra Pradesh, India. Dressed by my roomie Abigail. Swabrah on the 📷📸.

PS: This is my first Birthday away from my home🇺🇬😊. It’s been amazing❤️ Thanks to all my friends and to those who worked behind the scenes; Nicholas, Arthur, Julius and Jesse. Love you all☺️ we Thank God for a successful day🙏🏿


The little Maroon dress
L-R Jermena, Linda, Betty, Marion and Abigail sunkissed😘

Then the day’s video🤗🥳🎉

68 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday!!! Yeahhhh💃🏿💃🏿🎉🥳🥰

  1. Happiest birthday Jermena ❤️🎉🎉 I came here right on time. 😀 I have been busy lately.
    May your every day be filled with happiness and contentment. And you get what you are seeking. Amen 🙏🏼 ❤️

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  2. I wish you a happiest birthday of your life. I think that your friends and wordpress family, not make you feel alone at this beautiful day of your life. It’s okay sometime we are far away from our family and home. Keep enjoying your life dear, and embrace every moment of your onlh life.

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  3. Hey, sorry for the late wish! Belated Happy Birthday, Dear Jermena! Such amazing pictures! You look lovely (and your friends too). Hope you’re having a lovely time. Wishing you health, happiness, success and adventure! Stay blessed, dear friend! 💕 Belated birthday wishes once again!
    Btw; is it a problem on my side? I do not see any video.

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    1. Amen🙏🏿 Thank you very much dear❤️🤗

      Looks like the video isn’t playing. It’s at the bottom. Let me change and put the link to it on my insta.


  4. Awww..! A very happiest birthday my dear..! May success should knock your door..! God bless you..! Enjoy your day to the fullest..! Such a beautiful clicks..! Have a colourful day my dear..!💖✨😊

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