Cheers To One of Many Firsts!

Ok, so today I have finally got round to doing this….. Starting up my own blog! This has seen me make steps towards realising something I have desired for quite sometime now. I don’t exactly know when it started, me wanting to write my own blog i mean. But it must have been the first time I penned down one of my Love experiences and a friend joked about me starting up my own blog, or was it during my English composition classes in High School which I was always very passionate about? Surely it wasn’t the day I started keeping a journal?! Anyway, whenever it is that this beautiful thoughts started to grow, I certainly I’m glad that today, those innocent beginnings have given birth to something amazing!
I now will set the next step forward on this mysterious but exhilarating journey with an excited and full heart😁
Please welcome aboard this my JERMENA’S WORLD🥂

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