The Craze That Is, First Love Confessions!

I guess we should just dive  right into it, shall we😅

This particular piece today was inspired by my current watch during this Lockdown; a Filipino drama called ‘A Love To Last.’

In the earlier episodes of this really amazing series, among a lot of interesting things, i got to witness a most heart-stopping moment as our Hero poured his heart out to the protagonist for the first time…

What really reached out to me and blew me away, was the way that Mr. Noble our Hero chased after a stunned Ms. Andrea after they coincidentally met in a night club where for a hobby, he played the guitar. Now Andrea had been fighting her attraction for Noble for quite some time, living in denial and then, without warning, she ran into him at the club. A flustered Andrea scampers to the door with a determined Noble right at her tail. I watched her try to dissolve into Oblivion next to the innocently parked van outside, which was in her way to freedom and away from her confused feelings for Mr. Noble and well, Mr. Noble himself🤣🤣🤣

Of course Noble was not to be deterred. Right there, in the middle of the parking lot, with an already frightened Andrea pleading for escape, he went on ahead and declared that he refused to accept her previous request for them to end their friendship. And that he wanted more, more than what they already had because he really really really liked her🥰😅(emphasis added). As he went on, reciting his love for her, heavy pelts of rain decided to unleash their wrath right that minute! And if you thought our fav Love confession scene would end there, you are sorely mistaken. Because right then poor Noble was called to the reality of his situation; an almost 20year age difference glared in their faces, a newly divorced man with three children in tow was along a busy street, pleading for the Love of a girl half his age under the unforgiving beating of an angry downpour.

Painful anxiety and Longing marred his face as he waited for a speechless Andrea’s saving YES to salvage him from his misery, to assure him that she didn’t care about his age and baggage, and then voíla… Her fears and doubts spoke louder than her beating heart and she turned away from him and with her, his broken heart🙁


Now, that was some love confession right there…a whole experience if you ask me!

Have a look,

I don’t know about you, but First Love confessions…those things should be eliminated from the syllabus! Jeezzzz🤦🏿‍♀️but then again, there’s not a world-stopping-on-its-axis moment such as a first Love confession! To the confessor and the confessee and well, to us the invested witnesses 😅 Goodness, We just can’t Live without them I guess🙆🏾‍♀️ Can we?

I certainly don’t think so.

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