Ethnic day/Freshers’ day ’22🥰

Once again, freshers’ day was upon us and like last time, it was ethnic day themed. It was on 27/10/22(the other week).

Well, well, well… Home girl this time round decided to dress like a child of the land! I wore the Saree for the very first time and it was amazing🥰 I had always wanted to try it but the right opportunity to do so had never occurred. And then Freshers’ day happened and boom! You can imagine my excitement 😁

So, I got the Saree from my friend Momo and i was helped to wrap it around me by Jahnavi. Getting into a Saree is a very intricate procedure, reminded me of the Baganda’s traditional wear called the ‘Busuuti,’ back at home. Requires similar care and expertise😁 My friend Emma styled my hair and i was good to go☺️

I met my classmates at Peacock hall, which was our venue and the surprise on their faces was priceless🤣 They hadn’t seen it coming except for the few i had told in advance. The ceremony had already started by 10:00am and all the girls and boys were adorned in their colourful traditional attires. The faculties too.

The day was beautiful, coloured with entertainment, food and words of encouragement from our faculties on why we are here and that we should work hard to achieve our dreams.

The day was crowned with an awarding ceremony of all the winners of the technical and non technical activities that were held in anticipation of the freshers’ day, and of course the highlight of the evening; crowning of the new Mr and Miss fresher☺️ The day’s event was wrapped up at 5:00pm.

As usual, i did my favourite activity (taking pictures) and i compiled a video on what our day was like. Enjoy💃🏿

Music credit: Oye Oye by Siddarth.

11 thoughts on “Ethnic day/Freshers’ day ’22🥰

    1. Hahahaha you are welcome. Hope you wrote something about it. Would love to see you in your Mung outfit😄😄😄💃🏿


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