Diwali with my Ugandan family❤️

So, Diwali was earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday, and my country-mates had agreed that that would be the best time to get together as the Ugandan family here at KL University 😊 It was a good idea because we had been here for quite sometime now and some of us didn’t even know each other by face. We only spoke on the WhatsApp group and that was it. So it was going to serve as a meet and greet and yes, our first outing as a family😁

D-day arrived and we were all very excited. You can imagine☺️ we went to Cocktails bar and restaurant in Vijayawada. A very quiet and elegant place with very tasty food. Affordable too by the way😄 Yes, the staff there was welcoming and friendly. They really ensured we were comfortable and enjoyed our time there. A big thank you to the manager. We had been looking for a space where we could play some African music at a volume of our choosing(you know  how it is😄) We wanted to be able to dance, sing and simply feel at home and the manager was so kind as to go out of his way to cater to our needs. That was so beautiful. God bless him😊

The party kicked off at around 7:00pm after everyone had arrived. The MCs set the ball rolling. We had an opening prayer and then self introductions followed, where we had to say our names, department, year of study and our ancestral homes😁 It was that serious. People wanted to know exactly where you could be found back home. After the introductions,  came the music and the games…. Those were the best parts of the evening, besides the food of course 🤭

So, in these games, music plays as we move  an empty bottle around the table. If the music stops while the bottle is in front of you, then it’s your lucky day😁 MC reads you your task of the day and no negotiations whatsoever unless the audience decides to take a vote in your favor. That was when your task would be changed. And that my dear, didn’t happen often. It was all fun and crazy and then some😄 We also got to celebrate one of us’ birthday in advance. The whole evening was beautiful and memorable. Therefore, we agreed that every Diwali holiday would be our Annual get together. Too bad that i won’t be around during the next one, but am grateful to have experienced this one a least😊 The party ended at around 11:00pm and we returned to hostel. We thank God for making it happen 🙏🏿❤️

Here is a video of how our day was. Hope it lights up your day☺️ enjoy..

Background music: Party time by Chosen Becky.

7 thoughts on “Diwali with my Ugandan family❤️

  1. How wonderful, Jermena. So lovely to read of how all of you marked a local festival in its true spirit of unity and light and had fun too. I hope this will continue even after you’ve gone back because it’s efforts like these which makes the world a global village now. A belated but very Happy Diwali to you all. 🎇

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