Happy first Anniversary to Jermena’s World!!😘

Yessss that’s right! A year ago around this time, Jermena’s world was born.😁Ok am not sure which date exactly i should consider, because i wrote my first post on 1st July but WordPress says I published it on 2nd. So, we will just comfortably say, we were born ‘around this time’πŸ˜‰ Deciding to start a blog here has been one of those decisions that have made my life more interesting. I still remember the anticipation of what the journey ahead would offer. You can imagine what it must have felt like pressing that ‘Publish’ button for the very first time after that first post.😁 Amazing just.

So yes, that’s how it all started. I must thank God that several months later, here we are and am still very happy with my decision to blog. That having been said, i’m going to celebrate by telling you about four things that I love most about my experience blogging here so far, and the bonus will be a mention of my favourite post as of today, so look forward to it.πŸ’ͺ🏿 Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. A welcome Retreat.

Coming here to chat and read blogs of my friends has always been a welcome distraction from my other world, where life is so busy. As a person who enjoys reading stories, being here is a luxury I enjoy to the fullest. There’s just so much to delve into. From poetry, real life experiences, travel, nature, name it. It’s just a whole experience and am here for all of it.

2. An outlet for my emotions.

Being the introvert that iam, it means i find it quite challenging to express my thoughts verbally, the way i would have loved to. I do try out there but here, i get to freely say it as is at the comfort of my phone while breathing in nicely😁 I like that very much. Just pour it all out without having to worry about a thing.

3. A learning experience.

The blogosphere is a very rich world of knowledge. There’s just so much to learn, discover and come in the know of. At just the ease of my phone/computer, i can say that I’ve managed to travel comfortably to the different parts of the world thanks to the well connected network of WordPress! I’ve got to experience little snippets of different cultures, ideaology and ways of life from the diverse writers here. I’m someone who is like a sponge. I just suck up the sea of information around me that catches my fancy and bwoy, have i had it here… Am very grateful to you all.πŸ™πŸΏ Very interesting discoveries.😁

4. We are a family.

This is the most important of all. I’ve met and interacted with so many beautiful people here. Kind, intelligent, fun. From when i joined here one year ago to date, i have received nothing but kindness and love. Everyone is out here cheering each other on, providing a listening ear, sharing their story and just being a good neighbour. That is very rare to find in a public setting, but here it is very common to run into at every corner. I salute you all, and may you never lose that spirit of comeraderie πŸ™πŸΏ


As promised, i said i would tell you about my favourite post as of today and that is, The craze that is first time love confessions. I really had so much fun putting that post together. It was my second post, when the excitement of blogging was still as new as a shining pin! It was also when i got to experiment with embedding a youtube video in a post for the first time. And the drama where that particular post was inspired, was a most entertaining Philipino drama. So now you can see why the post is a favorite😁

And there you have it!

Allow me wrap up my celebrations with a video of a glimpse of my journey here in the blogosphere. Enjoy…

Song used in background is called My Joy by Isaiah Katumwa.

10 thoughts on “Happy first Anniversary to Jermena’s World!!😘

  1. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Jermena! I’m glad to see you’re still finding time to blog and are enjoying it. A very happy achievement! πŸ™‚

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