Ethnic Day at School💃🏿🥰

So, last weekend we did a thing where by we first years concluded our Ethnic day celebrations. The events were organised by our seniors on behalf of the Department of MBA of KL Business school. Prior to the final events, several sports games such as Cricket and Badminton were conducted and part of the activities of the final day/Ethnic day was to award the winners. The Ethnic Day doubled as our long awaited Freshers’ day and as the title suggests, it was cultural themed and international students were asked to turn up in their traditional wear as well.

My attire was inspired by the Karamojong/Masai of East Africa. I Was dressed by Shamim and designed and made-up by Swabra.

The event was coloured by a number of performances on the rich Indian culture of dance, you know the type that i had only come close to in Bollywood movies. Yes, this time round, i witnessed it with my own ‘live’ eyes in the picture of my own classmates😊 I never knew we had all those talents in class. There are some really reserved people i never knew could ever get up and dance, but they surprised me with all their confidence and suave. Yes, even some of our faculties took it to the stage and challenged us. It was really fun to witness. one of my highlights of the day, actually.

We paid tribute to our classmate who rested a week earlier, due to deteriorated health conditions. His passing was such a painful shock. One minute someone is here, and the other, they are gone. Such a tragedy when a young soul passes on. It leaves so much to ponder upon. Like how fleeting life really is. So sad indeed. May the Lord comfort his family and us all. Rest in peace Tagore🙏🏿💙

At the end of the day, we crowned our Mr. and Ms. Fresher. Am yet to get a pic of them both though😄 Otherwise, it had been quite the day..

Here is a collection of pictures from the event so you dont have to feel like you missed anything.


Bhavishya, Neha, Jermena and Sam preethi
Geetha, the talented Kuchipudi dancer😁

20 thoughts on “Ethnic Day at School💃🏿🥰

  1. Wonderful thank you for taking us though your experience .
    You are gifted story teller I felt like I was there😂😂😂.
    Sorry for the loss of the classmate its not good to lose a young soul indeed.
    I had missed your posts I don’t what had happened to my notification alerts from your blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words🙏🏿

      It’s true, i had taken sometime without blogging. School and all her extracurricular demands had taken their toll😁 so it’s not your notification alert🤭
      But decided a couple of days ago to tear myself away and comeback here to meet my other family at least once in a while.


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