Afro-fest 2021

Hello, it’s been a while but yes, here we are to walk down memory lane; KL University Afro-fest, 2021.

The fest happened at the closure of last year. It was a two days event which was organized by the department of fine arts at KL University. The event was categorized into; music, dance, poetry recital and drama on the first day and sports; football, basketball, squid game(our own version🤣) on the second day. I was more active in the events of the first day and therefore, they will dominate my notes about the fest. Allow me take you through the bliss of that day🤗

Attire was anything African from head-wraps or styled African hair, to painted faces, to beads, to our bright ‘Bitenges’, to craft shoes, everything! Our Indian guests were free to come wearing what they felt comfortable in. It really felt so good seeing so much ‘Africaness’ all in one place.

So, after a month and so of training and waiting in anticipation, the long awaited for evening was finally upon us!😁 It all went down in the beautiful campus Auditorium. The evening set off with music seeping loudly through the monstrous speakers as trending music from across the different regions of the African continent was making the rounds . The night got even better as the vibe continued to soar with the different performances from the students, unfolding one after the other. The first highlight of the night was the runway where each country’s representative walked to the stage waving his/her country’s flag as their country’s name and motto flashed proudly on the giant screen behind them. The deafening cheering from the audience each time was as though there was an unstated competition of who loved their country best by screaming the most.

Then came in the Capella acts, both soloists and groups which serenaded the audience, then the singer with the piano, then the amazing poetry recital by Marion, then the break dancers, then the beautiful traditional ‘Kinyarwanda’ dance from The Republic of Rwanda. A dance that is characterized by both very graceful and equally very aggressive moves. It was another highlight of mine from the night😁 I must also mention the little moment between the Female Mc and one of her very pleased fans from the audience. It was special😍

MC and fan doing their thing😊😊

The other highlight was the fashion show! It was a blast🔥🔥🔥🔥 It comprised an array of costumes, from royalty, to war attire, to village attire, to religion, everything was included. And it necessitated that the models acted out their different characters, accompanied by their respective music scores. It was phenomenal😘. Yours truly was spotted donning a piece inspired by a sun princess (that is what my designer revealed to me); a white cloak with a bright crown. My first time before such an audience in a very long time had been quite the experience😄 Loved it❤️ A special shout out to our designer and cast manager; Kate and Swabra respectively. (In my fan-made video at the end, Kate is the queen clad in a cloak and surrounded by 4 guards while Swabra is the Hijab queen in a tiara)

The night was concluded with a speech from the head of Department of Fine Arts, who appreciated everyone for their devoted participation in the first ever African Festival at KL University. That being said, allow me too on behalf of Jermena’s World, convey my appreciation to the following people for their invaluable efforts towards the two events:

-Department of Fine Arts for their initiative.

-KL University administration for the support in everything. -The organizers and coordinators in their respective roles.

-My fellow students who participated in every way.

– And above all, God who made it all possible🙏🏿

Enjoy the pictogram from the event☺

Then finally, the fan-made video of the day😚 I hope you like it😙

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