My First Semester😁

As I write this, I would like you to know that my first semester ended a week and a half ago on 04/02/2022. After which, i had the briefest of holidays! Two days😁 It was quite the semester… Allow me go down memory lane about how it’s been right from my first day in class😄 Let’s go…!

I will start by letting you know my overall impression of my school. It’s gorgeous! I like the numerous trees in the school, for someone like me who appreciates nature, this blew my mind away, and then the infrastructure right from the gate is amazing. The buildings stand elegantly tall to the skies, my hostel is a quiet peaceful and well maintained space at one corner of the school. With its white walls and bright lights it screams serenity and warmth. My classroom is another spectacle. Found in a green and white building with endless corridors, it is a work of white, orange and brown establishment. It’s just so beautiful😊

So, my first day in class….

It was on 03/10/2021, my birthday itself. It was an online class of one session. There wasn’t so much to report since everything was new and I was trying to figure it all out. The ball went rolling the next day, Monday when Abigail and I, set foot in our class physically for the first time! Abigail is my country mate, class mate and friend.

Having been briefed during our registration a couple of days earlier, we were to be taken to our classroom by the admin. That was very kind of them. We arrived on time at his office and he escorted us to our classroom. The session was already in progress and the faculty who was teaching warmly welcomed us in. And we like innocent clueless lambs made our way to the back of the first column. Unknown to us, setting the whole class into pairs of very surprised eyes… Now, I knew that that specific column had many guys, and where we had noticed seats to sit too, was next to guys and we had fully intended to sit there. In this part of India, boys and girls aren’t so free to mingle with each other, and true to that effect, my class is divided into the boys’ column and the girls’ column. The two don’t usually mix unless otherwise, so, you can now imagine the bewilderment on everyone’s face😁😁😁

It was the faculty who saved the situation by calling us to the front row of the same column since the girls’ side looked to be full. And those were our seats until later on when we got slots on the girls’ side. That was interesting😁. The classes have been ok. The only problem I had was hearing the accent of my faculties initially. It was quite challenging. Indians are pretty fast with speech and the accent was also something I wasn’t very used to. But since I was very interested in learning, it went on improving with time. Am even learning some Telugu. Can pick a few words now🥳😄. My classmates have been very helpful through it all, very polite and welcoming, and curious too.. They wanted to know everything about my background, how i have my kind of hair and how we maintain it, our ways of life back home and the like. The faculties too were nice, always willing to explain again when I didn’t get something.

Later on, for us who joined later were shifted to section B so we could start from the beginning with what we had missed in section A. And that’s how it’s been till the end of the first semester when I had my end of Sem I exams which went well. During the sem, a number of events happend, you know most of them. I will tell you about the Afro-fest in the near future as promised before.

In the meantime, let me figure out Semester II!

Yours Truly, Jermena 😁

Here is a glimpse of my gorgeous campus😚

4 thoughts on “My First Semester😁

  1. Hi Jermena! It seems like you are having a fun time in India. My country people are sooo kind, you just have to give them the opportunity.
    Though I don’t quite agree with you about girls and boys not being free to mingle with each other. It is definitely not so. In my school, anyone can sit anywhere. Girls and can sit with boys, or other girls, their wish!

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    1. Yes, am having a wonderful time, thank you😊

      About the sitting arrangement, i kid you not believe me😁 Girls have their own column and so do boys. And not just my class, but the entire school. I inquired from my friends in other departments and it’s the same story. When I asked a friend why it’s like that, she told me that it has to do with protecting girls, since they are young, and are far away from their parents.

      Which part of India are you, for me am in the South. Coz I heard that in the North, the situation is quite different.


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