My first outing😁

I know it’s been awhile since last I was on these streets but heyyyyyy I got lots to share, believe me😁 I haven’t yet written part 2 of my journey to India, neither have I been able to throw back for now two Thursdays in a row but I will make it  up to you. Allow me first leave this here…..🤗🤗🤗; My very First outing in India☺️

So, Indians are currently celebrating Dussehra and it’s been on for a couple of days now and will continue for a few more days. This means school has been closed temporarily. That only means plenty of free time on our hands.

Prior to the holidays, one very nice lecturer, during his last lecture was kind enough to mention it to my classmates to invite us the international students for a cup of coffee so we could tour and get more acquainted with our surroundings. Wasn’t that so sweet of him?! Yes!

So, one classmate who stays close by and would not be traveling for the festival, she’s called Bhavya, offered to take us around☺️ I haven’t yet told you that my classmates, both boys and girls are really so kind to us. There’s only four of us inter students so far; 2 girls from Uganda, 1 girl from Nepal and 1 guy from Libya. I invited our other friends from Uganda to join us for the adventure.

We set the day (yesterday) and we couldn’t wait! We got to Vijayawada town at around midday, where we met up with her and our little trip started. We visited street stalls where I got to taste Indian sweets for the first time! So sweet☺️ and then came the shopping.. we went to Besant road where so many stalls stood with all kinds of goodies, from utensils, to clothes, to toiletries, to indian jewellery, to electronics, to flowers, to…… Everything was there and at such a good price. We were like toddlers in a candy shop 🤗🤗 We bought all we could and nearly spent our transport money as well🤣🤣🤣 Actually, we all spent part of it and had to stop by the bank on our way back to school later.

I haven’t yet come to the highlight of the day… Wait for it🤗

So, during our shopping spree, Bhavya calls up our other classmate Priya and their friend Bobby who joined us. After a while, Bobby asked us to take a break from our shopping and invited us all to Lunch at Zaatar Arabian Mandi Restaurant and my oh my! Damn place is gorgeous… Not just the iconic looking interior but the foooooood!!!! We had Biryani if you’re wondering, after which our hosts ordered Chicken lollipop and deep fried fish…. goodness 😋😋😋 I had never tasted that kinda fish before😋 and as for the lollipop chicken🙌🏿😍 Just know, I can’t quite finish with telling this story but the bottom line is, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My friends and I were very Happy and I would like to say, Thank you to Bhavya for inviting us, thank you Bobby and Priya for the amazing treat❤️❤️❤️ May God bless you all🙏🏿☺️ We arrived at school at around 7:30pm.

It was a day very well spent, Thank you Lord🙏🏿

Now am looking forward to my next adventure 🤗😍 Below is the Pictography from my exciting day😁

30 thoughts on “My first outing😁

    1. India is indeed fascinating in its own way. There’s just so much to discover and explore. Recently, I came to know that every state has its own language, cuisine, culture,… Now isn’t that wonderful!

      Praying for you to achieve your dream of coming to India🙏🏿😁


  1. Nope.😊There’s an equal number of us who can’t have anything with chillies in it at all and I think the numbers are growing. Also, you’re in a region where the local cuisine leans more towards the ‘ hot’. Other regions will differ. Indian cuisine really has incredible local variations!

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  2. Great reading about your first outing here, Jermena! Glad to know that you’re settling in well. Yes, the chillies take some getting used to, so ask for no chillies. Usually they adjust the food accordingly. 😊 Ps, I can’t eat anything wth chillies either!

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    1. Really…😳 Wow, that’s interesting to know Diti😁 I had always been of the view that all Indians love their chillies🤗 now atleast I know that’s not the case.

      And thank you😊


  3. Jermena, it is so good to see people together as they were meant to be. You and your friends look so happy and healthy. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us, for in doing so, it encourages those of us in countries who are pounding the negative narrative still. Blessings!! xo

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  4. What an adventurous day! Seems like soooo much fun! I wish I could have a day out like this too. Vijayawada is a lovely town with wonderful pilgrimage spots and temples and Ofcourse, AMAAZING food! Trust me girl, Indian food is going to spoil you forever 😂 Biryani, chicken lollipop, fried fish- I’m not surprised you loved it so. There are more classics you should try and will get to, in time. You will love them all! Food in Andhra Pradesh is especially known to be spicy. Fun fact, I live in Telangana, a state that used to be part of Andhra until 2014. Your pictures are lovely! Do have more fun times ahead and keep updating us. It’s so much fun to read your updates, I’m looking forward to them 😀

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    1. Wow… And I’ve had so much fun reading your comment too Sam😁
      Hi neighbor🙋🏿‍♀️, greetings to the people of Telengana🤗.

      And yes, Vija is certainly a beautiful town. I totally agree. My classmates are looking to organise for us a trip to those sought after temples, am soon buying my Indian outfit for the occassion😁
      About the food, am now a witness to how amazing it is🙌🏿 still adjusting to the chilli though🤣 but will get there… because am looking forward to tasting more dishes of the land.

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