Life update☺️❤️

I know it’s been a while since I last posted around here and some of you might have been wondering what’s up!

Well, well, a lot has been happening… Good things just to say and we thank God🙏🏿

Some of you who have been around these streets for some time now might have read my post and have been waiting for the update.

Tell you what… Here it is!

I’m finally in India!!!! Hooooray!💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 Yes, it’s been a while now, am fresh as a cucumber and still feeling my feet around this whole experience and reality☺️

From my journey adventure to my first whiff of this new country that am enjoying getting to know more about each passing minute… Everything. I intend to tell you all about it! Will do it in bits so as to dedicate a good portion of time to each experience as it truelly deserves😁

For now, allow me say, Thank you to my Family; My beloved mother, my pillar of strength. I Love you❤️, my Siblings who have done their all to see me come this far, all my friends for all your encouragement, Hon. Pajobo B. Joram and your team, am so grateful, only God can reward you🙏🏿 and to you the WP community, your genuine support and Love, all your good wishes that you poured my way from the time I announced my good news to you. You have been a wonderful people since my first days here, I personally consider you my other family with whom I share my Life. Thank you for having me☺️ I love you all❤️

Before I get even more emotional, let me stop here☺️

In the meantime, please enjoy this song with me, Praising God for all the good he has done me in my Life.

Imela! (Thank you)

46 thoughts on “Life update☺️❤️

  1. Hey! I’m so so happy for you! Congratulations. Actually, I did leave a comment to you recently asking when you’d be in India. You’ve updated it yourself now. I hope the visa and airport guys didn’t give you too much trouble with all the covid restrictions 😉 I’m excited you’re here and I hope you have nothing but pleasant, fulfilling and enriching experiences here. All the very best to you in all your endeavours! May you grow and glow each day with all the learning and wonderful experiences 💖 If I may ask, which place in India and which university?

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    1. Wowwww Sam!
      Am so touched by your kindness❤️
      Thank you Ranjini😊
      And Amen🙏🏿

      Am at Koneru Lakshamiah University in the South Eastern part of India; Andhra Pradesh🤗

      The Visa part wasn’t so bad, the airport part when I arrived in Mumbai was where the fun was😉 if you know what I mean😅
      But eventually, it all worked out well. I know it was for the best😁 Hope to talk about it in depth in my future episodes.

      Also, your beautiful comment had been locked away in spam! That’s why I hadn’t seen it, don’t know what the spam widget wants with me🤣🏌🏿‍♀️


    2. Hey! I’m so glad to know it all worked well.
      Are you here for Master’s?
      All the very best! Andhra Pradesh (AP) is known for quality education. U’ll get to study a lot and enjoy too. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 😀

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    1. Hi!
      Sorry! I guess my other comment was not uploaded 😃😬
      I am so happy that you made it. Actually I was wondering about your whereabouts since I came to know about your scholarship. I wish you very good luck on your new chapter of your life. May you be safe and enjoy every bits of your stay in this new country and experience. Amen 🙏🏼 ❤️
      P. S I would love to know what you are going to study there.

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    2. Amen🙏🏿
      Av actually taken you up on your advice about the msgs being in spam and guess how many beautiful comments I found tucked away in my spam files! Anyway, am glad they’ve been retrieved😁 don’t even know how they got there in the first place🤦🏿‍♀️

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