Obangaina (re- do)

Today’s post will be about the re make of this Legendary song that I grew up listening to and dancing to. Since it’s a throw back Thursday, it’s even more appropriate.

Let’s do this!

The original song was done by Rachel Magoola. Who is currently a Woman Member of Parliament in Busoga region.

Ykee benda out did himself once again by bringing this old gem to our tables in a very savoury dish! I thoroughly enjoyed it😁

The vocals were on point as usual. The video, really amazing. No doubt about that. I love the dance, I love the village setting, I love Ykee benda in that wronged rural husband role… He really nailed it🤣 He was quite the actor!

Then the video vixen….😅 She ain’t your usual kind but she nailed her role! Was totally blown away☺️ Kudos to the whole team for such creativity.

I really look forward to more of such music from Ykee benda😚 that was such a treat😋

And I hope you too will be as thoroughly entertained as I was❤️

Ladies and gentlemen, to Ykee benda🥂

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