Counting on You🎶

Today I will be crushing on this particular song…

Counting on You by Zulitums

Zuli is a new kid on the block, I for one just got introduced to his music a couple of months ago. Maybe, he had been around longer, I don’t know. But what I do know however, is that his music is just something else!

Amazing is the word for it👌🏿

His style isn’t so common in my country, but that doesn’t mean not delectable. His husky voice and how he delivers his lyrics is just so bewitching😁

And in this particular song, I hope you will realise where am coming from.

I love the typical African touch in the song; the instruments more also at the climax…. I was taken back to my traditional instrument classes years ago. Nostalgic😍 And of course the theme of the video, reminded me of a particular history of my country😅 I know there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the video but I couldn’t help myself🤣

I could say a lot more about this song and the artist but allow me stop here.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Counting on you by Zulitums…. Enjoy!

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