National Book Lovers’ Day

I recently found out from Facebook and at WordPress that a few days ago, the US was celebrating Book Lovers’ Day!

How inspiring….

So, being the Book Lover that iam, I decided not to wait to go to America and celebrate, but to do it right here; today!

Therefore, I will celebrate by walking down memory lane on my Book Journey….

Over 16 years ago, I tentatively started on a journey that I had no idea would later become one of the best parts of my Life; one of the things from which I would derive so much joy and satisfaction.

It all started with my English classes, with our persistent teacher of English insisting that we read a lot of books so as to improve on our grammar and vocabulary. I wasn’t exactly interested. Not that I didn’t enjoy stories, but I would rather, they were told me than I reading them for myself. But since I was interested in improving my language skills and passing my English tests highly, I decided to give it a devoted shot. How lucky I was!

So, what did I do, I remember approaching my parish priest then, who had a small library in his office and told him about my plight. He generously asked me to pick any book that I liked and among which was Fire Island forfeit. Sadly, I don’t remember the author, but that book, among the whole collection that I selected was the one that grabbed my attention and started the fierce embers in my soul that would later burn wildly, spilling over whatever was in their wake!

That’s how my passion for reading novels was birthed! I have never looked back and am glad that I didn’t. The Adventure genre became my favorite given that the book was an adventure of youngsters and their encounter with gangsters… Under that particular genre, Treasure Island and The Famous Five Stand out.

Later, my interest shifted to Thrillers where I landed on The devil on Lamas night by Susan Howatch; One of the gems from my father’s old collection. That right there became my favorite novel of all time then and Susan my favorite author then too. I experimented with a lot other genres like Romance where I read some swoon worthy stories that unapologetically tampered with my previously dear and innocent mind🤣🤣🤣🤣

A lot more novels of all genres graced my dear sacred reading space but it was when I read more of my Daddy’s old reads, impeccably preserved in his old Drawer that I found my best and favorite genre to date! Crime and Mystery…

Finding those books was one of the most defining moments in my reading world. I came to know that my Father had been an ardent novel Lover and that I had actually got my Love for novels from him! That was such a beautiful discovery❤️😊 So, like that, I got my first Crime and Mystery book; Guilt of Innocence by John Creasy. I remember not wanting to put the book down for even a second. I was that bewitched! Happily so, if you asked me😅 Next on my list was Two plus two equals minus seven, but I don’t remember the author. Then Death is no sportsman. For that too, I don’t remember the author unfortunately. I really lived the good life then, blessed with my father’s books😁 To date, I still pick up the books and read them when I can. I never tire of them.

Years came and went as my reading scores continued to soar, and around 2010, I met Sydney sheldon… To me, he is the greatest Novelist of all time. Well, until further notice. He specialised in my favorite genre and he sure knew how to keep all of us happily addicted to his novels. I like to think that I have read all Sydney’s novels and my best among them all is; If tomorrow comes… Allow me state the name of the fictitious heroine of the story; Tracy whitney. Please meet her whenever you find some time, believe me.

For those who don’t know, Sydney’s novels are in the habit of having female leads all through. The heroines are usually strong willed, intelligent and absolutely beautiful women. The villains too could be female if it suited his mood. Thoroughly entertaining. I think that was his way of supporting women emancipation 🤭😅😘

Before I forget, allow me tell you what I like most about Crime and Mystery novels; intrigue and intelligence. They are at another level altogether.

For novels as a whole, besides the good company from a good story, I like the fact that I can get to travel this entire world from the comfort of my bed or from whatever tree that I just happen to be burrowing under, in search of maximum silence so as to savour my books in peace🤣

Alright, I will call it a day for today. I could go on and on with my love for books🤦🏿‍♀️

Until next time, Jermena loves you all😘

12 thoughts on “National Book Lovers’ Day

  1. Books are awesome! My favorite crime and mystery writers are Mary Higgins Clark and Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series, that I believe starts with “Sworn to Silence.” Chilling but awesome!
    Thanks for this post from a fellow book nerd!


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