Congratulations to meeee… One month down the road!

Ok, it all started with that little pop up of a notification, pinging at the top of my screen. Quickly, I tapped on it and it was from Word Press letting me know, somewhere around 12:00am that today, jermena’s world was one month old!!! Ululululululu💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

Well… I had kinda forgotten what day it was on my blogging calendar. And why would you blame me, the whole previous day, it had been a pleasant worship day and also the day that the Baganda and all their in-laws, well-wishers, friends by association and name it celebrated the 28th year of the coronation of their Beloved king; Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda Kingdom. Our hands were full already!

I was already in a jovial celebratory mood when I was reminded of another milestone!

Now, I will just continue riding on my excitement for the day and extend my one month celebrations down to it.. That having been said, I have decided to dedicate my achievement to the king’s 28th Coronation anniversary celebrations by sharing with you the little that I know about this quiet, yet very special king of the Baganda, here in Central Uganda.

Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II is the descendant of the prominent kings of Buganda; Muteesa, Mwanga and Chwa. He has been king from before I was born and I have only heard and witnessed really good things about him. For example, he is really soft spoken yet underneath all that calmness is an intelligence and the zeal to ease the plight of his subjects.

The Sharp eyed, Iron-legged one of Buganda earned the respect and tremendous affections of all as he is a very firm believer of serving and working for his subjects, even if given he is the king, it should have been the other way round. He is such a humble, yet very admirable and dedicated leader.

Allow me also mention that he is a very welcoming person, so much so that even us, who are not from Buganda really get to swell and boast like pure children of the soil! Of course I hadn’t even told you on what a big lovely smile he has that runs from one corner of his jovial cheeks to the other😁 lighting up all that is in his wake…

The king is a joy to the people of Buganda and to all who know him. He is a true depiction of a great leader; hardworking and beloved.

I will stop here for today, because we might sleep here.

But I will conclude in my usual style of course. With a video😋It’s by two artistes, from the Eastern part of the country who have thrived and felt at home in Buganda and therefore, felt it their duty to express their gratitude and love to this rare leader. The video is done in mainly Buganda style; the drums,dance and attire. It’s very sweet and warm.

And of course a bonus video by a group of Baganda during their little celebrations in their village. The main celebrations were in one of the king’s many palaces around the country, where only a few people were allowed to attend physically due to the covid-19 restrictions in place. So this and many small parties were littered all over the country in addition to the live broadcast from Nkoni palace in Buddu, marking the king’s 28th coronation anniversary.

The little party-let is dancing to music done by students who were showering praises to this particular king. The music comes from a lone speaker on a motorcycle in the middle of a deserted highway. I just loved the simplicity and beauty of the whole picture and thought I should share it with you😊❤️

‘Waangala ayi Ssaabasajja💪🏿’ Long live the king!


A group of Baganda celebrating the Kabaka’s 28th year on the street💃🏿🕺🏿

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