Empress Ki, a Kdrama like no other…

So, today finally I get to talk about this…

For starters, I Jermena is a staunch fan of Korean dramas🙋🏿‍♀️ A fan once said to her friends to tell the world that she died Loving Kdramas and I just couldn’t agree more! Korean series are a whole different meal altogether, an especially rare treat if you like. And me here, is here for all of it!

Having said that, allow me to delve right into the topic of the day; a special Korean drama called Empress Ki… This today is just to send my simple shout out to this incredibly great drama.

This particular series gave me all kinds of feels; from severe anxiety to gratitude, to deep sorrow, to joy and dmiration and everything. It was an intense and complex drama. I actually felt stronger watching this series, I don’t even know what that means 🤣🤣🤣🤣. But for a fair insight into the whole bubble that was Empress Ki,

That review is by a very talented and cool writer called Kay, one of the bloggers I really looked up to as I made the decision to start up my own blog.

The plot of Empress Ki was intriguing but it was the characters and their individual stories that were most interesting… I still remember Tal Tal ❤️ I think his character is the best that’s ever been written in Kdrama land, but you don’t have to take my word for it, you just got to watch this series and be the judge. Also, there’s just so much fun to enjoy. And not just that, there were a lot of lessons to pick up along the way too.

Watching this series wasn’t just a pleasure but it opened up my mind to the world in general. How very similar and complicated life’s situations were even in the real world. Sometimes the decisions we make can be very critical and Life changing, it is a matter of life and death and yet sometimes, you don’t even have that much time to decide. I was reminded about how uncertain Life is and yet we tend to forget that truth quite often. I also learnt that today’s enemy could be tomorrow’s friend, and vice-versa and that Life is a moving wheel, the point at the bottom, would have it’s turn at the top too.

So guys, that’s the little I could tell you about Empress Ki… but I hope I have inspired you to grab your next watch in these trying times 😊

a little bonus here, is my fav fan made video of ‘The secretly dating book couple’ Tal and Nyang🥰 enjoy…

11 thoughts on “Empress Ki, a Kdrama like no other…

  1. Iam also a fan of Korean dramas though recently giving more attention to Chinese dramas too. I haven’t watched empress ki but because of this am gonna look into it. I personally enjoyed “woman of 99billions” those actors and actresses put in an effort. I loved everything about it. Can’t wait to watch empress ki as u have recommended. Cheers

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    1. Wow… Thank you for passing by Martha. And yes, Empress Ki will be worth your time👌🏿

      Am also going to look up woman of 99billions😁 sounds interesting.


  2. I’ve never seen a single K-drama but Empress Ki sounds like quite the character. I loved the takeaways. Life is a moving wheel, the point at the bottom, would have it’s turn at the top too. So true indeed. Life is unpredictable and uncertain.

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  3. I am a huge fan of KDramas as well! I’ve been watching for many years. To be honest, Empress Ki has been in my watch list for quite some time, but keeps getting pushed back. I’ve heard that it is an amazing drama. I’m going to bring it back to the top of my list 🤗

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    1. Pleeeeeeease do!!!
      I can’t stress it enough😚😚😚 it’s such a gem. But you gotta be ready 😄 there’s just so much to experience….the 51 episodes fly away so fast you will wish there was more😅

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  4. Such a nice insight into more of your thoughts on the amazing Empress Ki 🙂 It truly does make you go through every emotion and teaches you a lot. By far, one of the best kdramas of all time! And thank you so much for the lovely shout out 🙂 I really appreciate it!

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